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Joint IASC- UNEG Investigatory Bodies Meeting

09:00, 11 June 2024
17:00, 12 June 2024

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Nina Lacroix
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Inter-Agency Standing Committee and UN Executive Group to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment Meeting of Investigatory Bodies on Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment 

  1. Participants Agenda IASC EG Meeting of Investigatory bodies_11-12 Jun2024
  2. Concept note IASC-UNEG meeting of investigatory bodies 
  3. Logistics Note IASC-UNEG Meeting of Investigatory Bodies

Background documents  

General Background 

Tuesday 11 June 

Session 2: What does a Victim/Survivor-Centered Approach to investigations entail 

Session 4: Key performance indicators for measuring the integration of a VCA into investigations 

  • Draft Key Performance Indicators: Developed by the IASC Expert Panel on standards for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH) Investigations to meet a Victim/Survivor Centred Approach (forthcoming) 
  • Results Framework : Developed by the Chief Executive Board Task Force on Addressing Sexual Harassment, the results framework sets out concrete forward-thinking indicators of good practice in preventing and responding to sexual harassment in order to address the gaps that were identified following an analysis of the results of the Annual Survey of CEB entities. 

Wednesday 12 June 

Session 6: Good practices and guidance for the integration of a VCA into sexual misconduct investigations   

  • Investigators’ Manual – Investigations of Sexual Harassment Complaints: The Chair of the CEB Task Force on Addressing Sexual Harassment further committed to enhance the handling of formal reports of sexual harassment. This included the establishment of a Task Force Sub-Group on Strengthening Investigative Capacity and Improving Investigations of Sexual Harassment within the Organizations of the UN System (the Sub-Group). The Sub-Group has developed this manual to reflect a system-wide common approach to, and understanding of, the investigation of sexual harassment complaints.

Session 7: Use of pooled and joint investigations and training national capacity

Session 8: Evidentiary standards in sexual misconduct investigations   




Sexual exploitation and abuse represents a catastrophic failure of protection. It brings harm to those whom we are mandated to protect.

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee is working to scale up protection from sexual exploitation and abuse across humanitarian response efforts. This website and global dashboard has been developed and managed through the support of UNICEF. It is dedicated to providing technical support and resources to practitioners, and to tracking inter-agency, collective progress across countries with a humanitarian response.