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Global implementation of PSEA in humanitarian response

Key Actions by HCT/UNCT
  • PSEA Action Plan/Strategy endorsed by HCT
  • PSEA integration in COVID-19 response
  • PSEA key messages disseminated
  • PSEA Focal Points/Network members training completed
PSEA Network Co-Chairs
PSEA Network Membership
  • CBOs
  • INGOs
  • NGOs
  • UN Agencies
PSEA Coordinator Contact
Co-Chair Contact Information

Fatima Iqbal:

Farrukh Toirov:

Feruza Fazilova:

Safe and accessible complaint channels
  • Inter-agency community-based complaint mechanisms (CBCM)
  • A phone hotline
  • SMS

Estimated percentage of the affected population who can access safe and accessible complaint channels

Estimated percentage of the affected population, particulary women and children who can access SEA/GBV assistance

Integration of GBV referral pathways in PSEA Network SOPs Unknown
  • The approximate time for an investigation to be initiated, upon receipt of an allegation