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Country Level Action Plan (Framework) Updated!

Yihong Zhang

The PSEA Country-Level model template outlines the priorities agreed by UNCT/HCT members to achieve jointly across countries with humanitarian, development and peace operations. This template provides the minimum requirements to review and analyse the effectiveness, impact and progress on measures to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation abuse country-wide. It serves as a model framework intended to be adapted and contextualized at the country level. The objective is to promote and document harmonized activities that contribute to implementing a robust action plan and provide the basis for tracking progress and provision/mobilization of required resources in related to PSEA in countries with United Nations presence.


Sexual exploitation and abuse represents a catastrophic failure of protection. It brings harm to those whom we are mandated to protect.

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee is working to scale up protection from sexual exploitation and abuse across humanitarian response efforts. This website and global dashboard has been developed and managed through the support of UNICEF. It is dedicated to providing technical support and resources to practitioners, and to tracking inter-agency, collective progress across countries with a humanitarian response.