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Tanzania Kigoma Region PSEA Network InterAgency PSEA Protocol (24 October endorsed)

Emergency and protracted crises may expose persons of concern to UNHCR to serious protection and exploitation-related risks. Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (“SEA”) violates not only the physical integrity and security of the individual victims, but also their dignity and self-worth. SEA is a consequence of unequal power relationships, a dynamic that is often exacerbated during humanitarian crises, which are so often characterized by widespread and systematic violence, mass displacement, and the breakdown in traditional family structures and social, legal, governance, and value systems. Women and children constitute the overwhelming majority of complainants. The economic and social inequalities confronting women and children, in particular, put them at higher risk of exploitation by those in positions of power.


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  • Theme: Coordination
  • Year of publication: 2018
  • Author: Tanzania Kigoma Region PSEA Network
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  • Country: Tanzania, United Republic of
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Sexual exploitation and abuse represents a catastrophic failure of protection. It brings harm to those whom we are mandated to protect.

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee is working to scale up protection from sexual exploitation and abuse across humanitarian response efforts. This website and global dashboard has been developed and managed through the support of UNICEF. It is dedicated to providing technical support and resources to practitioners, and to tracking inter-agency, collective progress across countries with a humanitarian response.